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International tournament White Nights Open 2016

июля 29, 2015 Автор: PRO Sports Centre

23.06.2016 10:00
24.06.2016 15:00

Dear players, ATTENTION! Day by day we keep on recieveng lots of your applications, thank you very much for your interest to your tournament! So that more players could take part in squash-fiery named "White Nights", we make your tournament 1 day longer. The duration of the tournament is 4 days, so we start on the 23rd of June. Only Men D( Beginners) and Women B( W2) do not play on the 23rd of June, in these categories games start at the 24th of June, Friday. Players, who have already bought tickets for the 24th of June, please, make a note about it on, we'll scedule your games starting from the 24th of June. Renewed regulations of the tournament:…/0B9xvl3FgsGTnWVhVMTJnMzV6c…/view… Please, pay your attention to the fact, that main lists of categories Men B(M2), Men C(M3), Men D( Men Beginners) and Woman B(W2) are full! If you apply for any of these catigories, you automatically get to the waiting list. Please, make sure you are in the main list of players before buying tickets! We remind you, that foreign players confirm the participaion by sending the tickets TILL THE 10TH OF JUNE. You can pay entry fee on the reception of the club as soon as you arrive.

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